The Truth & Freedom Institute (TFI) holds to a legal theory known as Libertarianism. This is not to be confused with the dithering platform of the Libertarian Party or with the soteriological concept of Libertarian Free Will. TFI believes that libertarian legal theory (in the thinnest sense of the word), as defined by the likes of Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Murray Rothbard, is consistent with a Biblical worldview and does not stand at odds with God’s precepts in any way concerning prohibitions against person and property; secular inconsistencies  and exceptions notwithstanding (e.g. abortion, homosexual “marriage,” etc).

The intention of TFI is not to synthesize a libertarian worldview with Scripture — for no such worldview exists — but to demonstrate the consistency of libertarian legal theory with Biblical ethics and to present its implications as being wholly reconcilable with inferences from God’s eternal moral law. It is upon this conviction that TFI believes libertarianism to be the only legal theory — as subordinate to God’s greater ethic — to which a Christian can justly hold. One needs not to advocate for sin to be libertarian, but only to leave inviolate the property rights of others.

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