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Introduction to TFI

Roger Williams

“It hath been told me that I labored for a licentious and contentious people…. But, gentlemen, blessed be God… for His wonderful providences, by which alone this town and colony, and that grand cause of truth and freedom of conscience, hath been upheld.”

— Roger Williams

Truth & Freedom Institute is a confessional educational website and blog with the sole intention of presenting the truth with integrity and faithfulness to God’s Word. We hope to encourage the Church to live peaceably with all (cf. Rom.8;12) by a life of learning and devotion to God and to His Kingdom, divorced from the encumbrances and appetence of ill sought carnal dominion, and the passivity of modern evangelical escapism.

We believe in preserving the legacy of our nonconformist forebears, in promoting a philosophy of peace, not as an end in itself, but to underscore the sharp distinction between God’s Kingdom — a Kingdom that seeks the reconciliation of sinners to God, instead of their servility to man — and the kingdoms of this world.

In our repudiation of sacralism is a deeply held conviction that will serve as a major theme in our works against authoritarianism and tyranny. The Law of God is written on  the hearts of all people, but is grossly informed by an unregenerate conscience. Our goal here is to contrast Scripture’s view on interhuman relations with that of secular views.

We likewise reject Greek Natural Law and Radical Two-Kingdom theology. However, we do hold to a view of Two-Kingdom theology that is completely at odds with the aforementioned.

This site will cover a vast array of topics that are not off limits to the Christian worldview; from epistemology, systematic and Biblical theology, to politics and economics. In this, we aim to be accessible without compromising the academic approach we hope to achieve.

Contrary to the opinions of some self-promoting polemicists and irenicists who might feel the internet is overcrowded and inundated with doctrine, we believe that Christians can never have enough material at their disposal; and though at times the internet can seem like a dissonant cacophony of opinions and viewpoints, we see value in the profuse dissemination of information from a Christian worldview; if for no other reason than to overtake the disinformation and misrepresentations of the Christian worldview.

We do not intend on being a competing force with other brethren, but we do intend on edifying dialog in the spirit of sharpening one another, and in exhorting one another to be conformed to the Word of God in the renewing of our minds.

We recognize the significance of those before us — those theological giants upon whose shoulders we stand in exploring the depths of God’s Word to know Him more and to answer the commission of making disciples in applying the whole counsel of God to our lives.

We are adamantly against haphazard theological and philosophical regression — viz. a return to erroneous doctrines once consigned to the obscurity they deserve. Such beliefs have made a comeback and are threatening evangelical integrity and Scriptural faithfulness. TFI hopes to stave off this attack.

Through vigorous study and scholarship, TFI intends on some level of recovery in exploring the works of early Church Fathers, Scholastics, Reformers, Particular Baptists, and Christian Philosophers alike. However, our work will not be limited. We hope to also explore topics on textual criticism, higher criticism, and liberal scholarship as it relates to the Biblical languages (namely, Greek and Hebrew).


The following is a concise [and incomplete] introduction to what we believe and hope to write about abundantly in the time to come:

We also hold to the The Cambridge Declaration, and the constitutions, by-laws, and covenants of each administrator’s respective local church.


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